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Morning Rituals Checklist

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Hello All,

Thank you for your interests with joining my mailing list. So, your NOT a morning bird huh? Or maybe you are. Either way, I'm a firm believer of doing tasks that help me get into a routine that fuels my mind and body for a positive, productive day. Business or personal, this Morning Ritual checklist is my "MUST DO EVERY MORNING". Otherwise, I just feel OFF.

Of course, everyone is different. We all have different schedules, different interests and various home environments. I'm simply sharing what works best for me. You might ask yourself, why is this so important to adapt? We are living in a pandemic and are already facing SO MANY challenging situations.

We all channel and release our emotions in different forms. We struggle as being, siblings, partners, friends, parents, children, community members As friends look for guidance, I can only share what works for my lifestyle. I hope that my actions can relate and hopefully you can find something that relates to your lifestyle. I am a morning bird and a continued student of breath work and meditation. At times , I pair this with writing, yoga or a morning dance flow. Those dance sessions dancing in my living room are some of my best practices. Raw energy being released. I don't do the above every morning but I do spread it out during the course of my week.

Want to know my "MORNING RITUAL ROUTINE CHECKLIST" - SUBSCRIBE for a Complimentary Copy!

I absolutely love watching and asking friends and peers what they do for this morning practice. It's always so interesting to see what works for others. Please comment, DM me on IG, add notes to your customer profile and share what works for you. I'll be waiting patiently.

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