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Jessica Rae provides private business mentorship and professional development corporate and small group workshops. Her workshop courses include Goal Setting, Habit Forming, Intro to Entrepreneurship, Resume Building, Professional Model Development, Instructor Training and Development courses available for corporate and small group lessons. 


About Jessica:

Jessica Rae is a Filipina business owner and educator around movement and entrepreneurship. She is the founder and CEO of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC and Rae Studios, located in downtown SF. Jessica is a graduated from SF State and a lifetime advocate of wellness, dance and the arts.


Business Mentorship Consolation:

Looking for business advice?Begin the mentorship program starting with a 1hr kickstarter.  In this one-hour session we will get your list builder created to give you a better sense of direction.  Private one-on-one trainings are held via zoom or in-person in San Francisco, CA.  In-Person meetings available to those who live/work in the SF Area. Packages, 3 month, 6 monthly and yearly package options available!  Quotes available after first 1-hour consolutation.  

Professional Development Workshops:

Book Jessica to lead professional development workshops for your team today! Classes include; Goal Setting, Habit Forming, Intro to Entrepreneurship, Professional Model Development, Instructor Training and Development courses to enhance team work and overall growth development.  Workshops are on-site with available courses starting at 50-90mins.  Book now




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