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Welcome Fam, let me start with an introduction!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Hello Friends and Thank you for tuning in.

My name is Jessica Rae, I'm a local business owner living in the beautiful San Francisco, California. I am the proud owner and creator of Rae Studios, a local dance and fitness studio that provides dance and fitness classes and Rae Model and Talent Agency, a company that provides work opportunity for artists to live and work in the bay area through on-camera, print, and live event services. My motto, "Build a lifestyle that directly supports your happiness". I mean, why can't we have the life we always dreamed about. With this in mind, I built a platform where I could be surrounded by dance, art and music 24/7. Out of frustration with the bay area and limiting job opportunity for artists, I decided to pave the way. I have a story about this topic and how I got started in the entertainment industry as a gogo dancer but you'll have to keep visiting :)

I've been an active talent, agent and behind the scenes developer for 14 years. I'll do the math for you since your mind probably goes straight for the "taboo question". How old is she? I started my platform at the age of 21. I just turned 35 this past June. No shame in my age here. And ladies, if you have shame in your age or human making, ask yourself why. Your story is unique, beautiful and you. And guess what, there is only ONE YOU.

You see, not every entrepreneur start off with flying colors of success. This business owner I am today is still planting, growing and developing. I think that's what makes me so special. I'll go into deep detail of "How I Planted my Seeds" Officially in 2009 as an LLC into various transformations but that will be in another article.

This platform has been created as I continue to dive deep into creating space for self growth and touch on specific topics like what it means to be a woman of color in the entertainment industry and how I've taken a stance against the social economic limitations for artists in the bay area among many other social injustices. I'll also include topics from personal living, relationships heart-ache, career growth along with persistent innovation, interior design with insights on the studio and my personal living space, how to shop and support locally, plus featured guest speakers, partner relations and the tricks and tops on how to be a successful woman entrepreneur. I'll go into detail of how I built Rae Agency x Rae Studios and how I've pivoted my business to stay active and open during COVID-19 and the struggles of business ownership.

The purpose of this website is to expand on the following services:

  • Monthly Subscription for Group Classes

  • Entrepreneur Guided Workshops

  • "Hip Hop Abs Instructor Program"

Along with related story sharing moments like:

  • How I started my business as a gogo dancer

  • How I took home the titles of Pageantry

  • Obsession with Interior Design w/all my track secrets

  • Crafting something out of nothing - Dedicated to Rae Costumes

  • Creating passion projects into sustainable business models

  • Morning Rituals, How I show up for myself everything. Make it a pattern!

  • What and Why publicizing "Filipino Business-Owned Woman" means to me. And how I plan to represent my heritage and Women of Color in my community.

The above story sharing articles will include dedicated hyperlinks as I continue to release articles.

Here's what I would LOVE - If this resonated at all with you. Please like/comment below. Ask me questions, leave comments or contact me directly. After all, this is my first time speaking in this context. I'm here to show up for myself and for people who have the same ideas, projects and goals. Keep in touch. We are in this together.


DM ME @jraesf

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