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About Jessica Rae

A Filipino Woman-Owned Business, Movement & Entrepreneur Educator based in San Francisco, CA

Jessica Rae is the founder and CEO of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC & Rae Studios.  Jessica has merged her passion for dance and entertainment opening the doors for many community leaders to build, develop and create creative avenues through performing arts.  Her goal is simple, create multiple streams of income for artists to continue thriving and building a career through dance and movement through the dance studio and the talent agency.  She's wrapped her BA in Communications in 3 years graduating from San Francisco State University followed by a quick entrepreneurial journey.   


Jessica knew at a young age that she wanted to be involved with people who shared the same interests in music, arts and entertainment.  Her career started with pageantry, titles include Miss World Peace, Miss San Francisco, Miss Asian America, Miss Congeniality and Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Her hidden talent?  Piano or dance but her power move was in the Q&A.  Captivating the audience with her studies in current events while being mindful of her beliefs in wellness, community and the arts.  Throughout her childhood her musical training started at the age of 5, dancing, choreographing, piano recitals, public speaking and debate.


As she grew older her career led her into print and film.  Working on and off camera for companies like Muscle Milk, Fitbit, Acura, Facebook, 24hr Fitness, Apple and artists like Ludacris, Lady Gaga, Kid Rock, Too Short, and Bebe Rehax.  


She quickly learned how her experience as an on-set talent could shape her role as a talent agent.  She knew that this experience was her greatest gift to give to her peers.  Jessica’s drive and motivation came from being behind the scenes as a producer and talent agent.  She has dedicated her career as a talent agent for the past 15 years, housing 150 performing artists, providing job opportunities for local bay area talent, booking services for live events, print and commercial services.  She knew at an early age that minority inclusivity, body positivity and movement specialist was missing in film and print.  We see this more relevant now with the media especially since the Black Lives Matter movement.  These beliefs were always celebrated and integrated in her practices as a business owner and community leader.  Jessica continues to push for diversity in the entertainment industry highlighting racial and ethnical bias, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities, age, skill level, gender equality, body size & minority inclusivity.


When Jessica isn't working for the agency, you can find her DAILY inside the studio or virtually teaching weekly dance and fitness classes, 

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