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It’s been over ten years teaching for my company Rae Studios, along with many other brands and corporations.  This year has officially tested everyone to their limits.  What I've found true to my core is that we all need human connection.  I'm thankful that my human connection and gift is to share wellness.  I’ve created a platform that merges my personal and business career into an integrated reservation system where my students could sign up on my platform and have access to my classes here and at Rae Studios along side with other partnered events.  “Move with Jess” is a monthly subscription program gaining access to unlimited group classes.  Classes include; barre, cardio fitness, Hip Hop Abs, dance choreography and various educational workshops.  Plus, exclusive updates to upcoming workshops, guest speakers and community events.

How do I sign up?

1.  Make a customer profile.

Click "Join/Log In" tab in the above right hand corner

2.  Snatch your "Monthly Unlimited" access today (begins 8/1)

- Sign up now and receive special offers and access to upcoming events.

3.  Review the schedule and start creating your fitness journey in your customer profile 

- Type out your goals, questions, comments into your customer profile.  Add details, create a banner and default image. Talk to me!  I want to hear all the in-between details.   I will be taking notes and responding :)

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