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“Cardio Dance Instructor Development”

Are you looking to become a cardio dance fitness instructor but unsure where to begin?  Get one-on-one coaching, real class experiences and direct feedback to jumpstart your journey as a Cardio Dance Instructor.  

In this class you will learn the following:


  • Instructor Development

  • Fundamentals of Cardio Dance Instruction 

  • Non verbal and verbal cuing

  • How to read the room

  • Identify Modifications

  • Technique & Choreography

  • Instructor Live Test & Feedback

  • Access to the “Starter Set list” choreography 

    • Includes 2 Intro sets + 8 Pre-Recorded Videos 

  • Become the energy you want to attract

  • Real access to Instructor Auditions


Plus all the in-between moments that make this class so special like, body language, hype man, your students biggest cheerleader, the verbal whoots and ha’s lingo, body presence, drills, and all the expressions that make this class and my instructor style so captivating.  Hip Hop Abs has been seen across the nation and has been taken by THOUSANDS of students in a non-stop 45-60min cardio dance format with over 50+ songs all choreographed by me.  This is an intro to Hip Hop Abs.

Publication Class Description:

Hip Hop Abs is a 45-60min cardio dance based fitness class based on easy to follow choreographed dance routines focused on pre-choreographed dance sequences, standing core work and a kickboxing blend to keep your heart rate up leaving you motivated and sweaty.  This program is created by Jessica Rae, Owner/CEO of Rae Studios, San Francisco.


Let's Begin:

  • By Appointment Only

  • Location:  Live In-Person Class

  • Time: 4-Hours in-studio private training + 4-Hours Real-Time Class Experience

  • Items to bring:  Laptop & a notebook.  A detailed list will be sent out closer to the event date.

  • Price at:  $500/8Hours

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