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Founder of Rae Studios, Rae Agency in San Francisco.  Paving the way for bay area dancers and instructors by creating platforms for job opportunities.  Obsessed all things business, dance, plants and organized hacks!

My mission is to bring people together from diverse backgrounds to grow, learn and develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that allows people to thrive in all areas of their daily life. I celebrate and encourage diversity and inclusivity through movement, mindfulness, and entrepreneurial education.

"Create a sustainable lifestyle that makes your heart smile."


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Hello and Thank you for joining.  I'm starting off my first blog article sharing my story.  How I created a successful talent agency and dance studio in San Francisco, CA starting with a gogo dance company at the age of 21, leading into 14 years of growth and development.  I'll be sharing the highs and lows along with all my trade secrets so that you can learn from my mistakes and have some fun take aways from my wins as you continue to read and start your journey in business and wellness.