Workshop: Vision 2022: "Intro to Entrepreneurship"

  • Coming Soon

  • Location:  Rae Studios, Studio 3 "The Creative Lab" and Zoom

  • Time: TBD

  • Items to bring:  Laptop & a notebook.  A detailed list will be sent out closer to the event date.

  • Price:  $99 Live Virtual Class / $60 Zoom Recording / $29.00 PDF Self Study Guide

In this workshop you will gain access to my personal exercises including:

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Creative Speed Writing

  • How to identify your craft

  • Build an achievable checklist "What questions to ask"

  • Integrated Worksheets to narrow your craft

  • Objective Planning "An Intro to Strategic Planning"

  • Build & leave with a Mission Statement

  • Live Q&A



                                                                                               “Vision: Intro to Entrepreneurship”


The most commonly asked question is, “How did you build your business, what’s your story? I'm interested in entrepreneurship and would love to learn more, can you help?”  I've developed a hybrid educational workshop that allows for in-person and livestream workshop.


Class Description:

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just someone that has a lot of creative ideas? Do you ever feel so inspired but overwhelmed with no where to start?  Vision, is an Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop developed by Jessica Rae, owner of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC and Rae Studios.  In this course, you will develop a deepened relationship with your mind and body, craft out vision building exercises and learn to master creative speed writing that